Webinar 13-10-2023 TimeWaver: Michael Danz and Silvia de Ruiter

Inside TimeWaver – A Practical Guide to Understanding the Information Field

What to expect in this webinar:

Whether you work in life coaching, holistic wellbeing, business analysis or personal development, the TimeWaver Pro system provides a diverse range of applications. Join Michael Danz and Silvia de Ruiter in this webinar as they delve into the capabilities of TimeWaver.

Discover the quantum physics foundation behind TimeWaver, explore the three qualities of our physical existence and understand how to harness the TimeWaver system to elevate your conscious resonance. Gain insights into the practical applications of TimeWaver.

Webinar Contents:

  • “Mind Over Matter”: Exploring the Three qualities of our physical existence, harnessing the TimeWaver system to elevate consciousness
  • The quantum physics foundations of TimeWaver
  • Practical applications of TimeWaver
  • A comprehensive look into TimeWaver technology

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